Prior to the establishment of Dexter Pacific Corporation, the
founder of was involved in supplying OCTG from Japan to the
US domestic oil and gas industry.  During this period, he also
initiated third country trade by supplying US made drilling
equipment through Japan to the Middle East.  In the mid-1980’s,
the oil and gas industry was reeling from a dramatic drop in oil
prices and a severe contraction of the industry.  Under these
market conditions,
Dexter Pacific Corporation was
established in 1985 in Houston, Texas to develop trade with
China which was the founder’s original plan.

After establishing a successful manufacturing base in China,
Dexter Pacific began developing oilfield equipment and pipe
business in East Asia and Southeast Asia.  After supplying
Chinese line pipe to Russia, Japanese drill pipe to American
operations in Southeast Asia, and American drilling equipment to
Southeast Asia, our company decided to focus on drilling
equipment, especially drill pipe, drill collars, and heavy weight
drill pipe.   As a result, we created a division specifically for this
Dexter Pacific Tubulars.

Dexter Pacific Tubulars offers two options to our customers
(1) shipment from China of pipe manufactured to our customer’s
specifications and (2) shipment from the Texas Gulf Coast of
stock pipe made in the USA.

The mission of Dexter Pacific Tubulars is to provide our
customers with a quality product and quality service in a
timely manner and at a competitive price.
Dexter Pacific Tubulars